Democratic divisions on display at DNC debate

  • 2017-02-22
  • Source: CNN
  • by: Eric Bradner

For all the marches and protests the left has generated since Election Day, the debate over who will lead the Democratic Party in the early stages of Donald Trump's presidency is underscoring the divisions still lingering within its ranks.

Eight candidates to become the next Democratic National Committee chair -- led by former Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison -- struggled during a debate sponsored by CNN Wednesday to define a vision of how they would effectively counter Trump's administration and break through in clear opposition to his message.

Perez and Ellison, recently spotted dining together, said they didn't cut any deals ahead of the 447 DNC members' vote for chair Saturday in Atlanta and pledged to confront Trump with a unified party. But the debate showed the party hasn't settled questions over just how vigorously to oppose Trump, or how to settle division within its own ranks.

Ellison said Trump's actions so far "legitimately raise the question of impeachment." He said Trump has already violated the Constitution and called for an investigation to "make sure that nobody can monetize the presidency and make profit off it for our own gain."

"We have seen from the get-go that this person wants to turn the clock back, and the Democratic Party needs to take the fight to Donald Trump," Perez said. "When we lead with our values, when we lead with our conviction, that's how we succeeds."  Read more at CNN

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