House committee finishes work at 4 a.m. to advance Obamacare repeal

The House Ways and Means Committee early Thursday morning cleared its portion of a bill intended to gut Obamacare and partially replace it, taking the first step towards getting the legislation to the House floor.

The committee completed its markup of its part of the American Health Care Act, the GOP leadership's bill to gut Obamacare and partially replace it. The committee's portion focuses on eliminating most of Obamacare's taxes and creates a new tax credit pegged to age instead of income under Obamacare.

The markup started at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday and didn't end until after 4 a.m. on Thursday morning after voting on a series of amendments.

The markup was broken up into five parts that focused on repealing a tax on tanning beds, renumeration to insurers, a collection of consumer taxes, repeal of a net investment tax and policies such as what plans are grandfathered. Democrats objected to the provisions, with the votes largely along party lines to pass the parts.  Read more at The Washington Examiner

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