Pentagon shoots down reports of SEAL Team Six training in South Korea

Reports that SEAL Team Six is training in South Korea are false, a senior defense official told Fox News on Tuesday.

SEAL Team Six is a direct action and hostage rescue team, part of the national mission force, not the type of unit that would participate in a training exercise in South Korea, a separate U.S. defense official said.

There are U.S. special operations teams -- including SEALs -- who always conduct training in the region with their South Korean counterparts, according to officials. They say the U.S. forces will continue to do so in the annual Foal Eagle exercise, currently running until the end of April. But SEAL Team Six is not part of this training.

Local U.S. special ops units will participate in the annual training with South Korea, amid recent North Korean provocations, including the communist regime launching four ballistic missiles earlier this month landing 190 miles from Japan.  Read more at Fox News

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